Transition has always been a natural force underpinning the universe. Human species are no exception, and transitional patterns of behavior inextricably linked to surrounding environmental forces have marked societies and cultures across time. 
I cannot think of any other fluid forms or forces that can dance along each other than two black holes, twirling for years and years until they collide into a bigger one. Their collision leaves behind a vast radiation. Perceived as a threat from the outside, but flooding with strength and power from the inside. Does this transition era we live in has an end? Does a bigger outcome awaits us as human species? Is this era leading us to the disappearing of fractal societies dancing along in a global form where are all inextricably linked and interwoven? Towards a new form of aggregate. What I can see is a natural interaction of chaotic forms, trillions of fractions interacting in a natural pattern, like do fractals.
The photographic series, shows an embodiment of the forces interacting towards a wholific body or state. Fire, air, water, earth, and I would add time as a natural element. The photos are long exposures of an agitated sea on a windy night on shore. They depict the idea of multiple forces twirling for a long time until they reach a new state throughout time. A purified whole. Will these ongoing transitions lead to the inter of society? Can we compare this transition era to the transition of an atom, nucleus, electron... from one quantum state to another, with emission or absorption of radiation? Do new worlds emerge from the death of a star? A photographic alchemy marrying earth as the shore, air as the wind, water as the sea, and fire through the eye of time. A new matter forms when combining elements of nature into a holistic figure of which could be called the common consciousness. The only world or body where all elements exist at once, the Alchemic Body. 

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