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Jad Silisty

Born in 1992, Jad is a Visual Artist whose professional experience varies from Art Direction, Branding, to Pattern Illustration and Commercial Photography. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Arts from L’Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts - ALBA in 2013.

His work manifests itself across a multitude of disciplines, each serving different yet interlinked forms or stages of work that flow in a loop. From documentary to fine art and conceptual photo essays, to figurative art; The artist documents and reflects on his environment’s own nature. “Living in a city (Beirut) where being of adaptable nature is essential to endure what is yet to come, makes me feel to be in a constant movement with my habitat and mind; simply, stability does not exist”. His home town Beirut and the experience of it over the years, are the main drives for questioning what is considered as norm. Be it on a political, social or psychological level.


“My photographic work is deployed on three different, yet interlinked forms or stages that flow in a loop. Each is the result and cause of another.

“One”, where I document my environment. That city, that is shaping me over the years since my first.

Two, I reshape my environment into something that is more substantial and accurate according to my understanding and relationship with my city. It’s where the work displays an alternate vision of my own reality, by experimenting with exposure I immerse in a parallel reality, where different senses or elements of life are “One”. The visual language is characterized by repetition, patterns or movement forming the image, tormenting reality so it has tormented my rational being. It could be described as a “contre-attack” to the reality of living in Beirut.

Three, where I seek distress, calmness, purity and refuge from reality’s grotesqueness.

In parallel to my need to photograph, I do have a very special interrelationship with my figurative line of artworks. It’s where I navigate a serene yet controversial approach of being human, it is brought through persona creation. I have been developing this never-ending universe of which it’s habitants seem to have always been there naturally.”