jad silisty © 2020

Jad Silisty

Born in 1992, Jad is a Visual Artist whose professional experience varies from Art Direction, Branding, Product and Lifestyle Photography, to Pattern Design.

His personal work manifests itself across a multitude of visual artistic disciplines including Fine Art Photography, Documentary and Conceptual Photo Essays along with Travel & Street Photography. In parallel to his passion for photography, Jad has been developing a line of figurative illustrations named “The Grots”, since 2016.

Jad completed his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Arts from L’Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts - ALBA in 2013.


Living for what is left out and not what is missing, is the essential occupation of myself having lived in Beirut. An absence of what is referred to as basic needs for a citizen, has been marginalized over time to normality. Yet emptiness gives space for unconventional behaviors and ways of fulfillment.
This non-functional city, or functional in its very chaotic way, has led to a paralyzed perspective that manifests on many levels, be it social, political or psychological. My work delves into the normalized state of Beirut, in my own  subconscious. An emptiness automatically filled for it to exist in a mind’s space, offering an inhabitable gravity to the city’s core and functionality. Living in a city where being of adaptable nature is essential to endure what is yet to come, makes me feel to be in a constant movement with my habitat and or mind, where stability does not exist.

My work displays an alternate vision of my own reality, by experimenting with exposure I alternate a familiar parallel reality, where different senses or elements of life are interwoven at once. I am in the search of the full sensory image, somehow referring to the butterfly effect, where all elements are interlinked in a holistic One. My work is characterized by repetition, patterns or movement forming the image, tormenting reality so it has tormented my rational being. I experiment with time and movement in order to have an inception to a reality where feel is the eye. My work process begins with a visual research while allowing myself to freely experiment with my surroundings. I allow myself to be naturally attracted to the scene. I intervene and interpret with my tools as I am driven by the emotions of the scene. After multiple tests, and going back to the same or similar sites, I begin to reflect on what had led me to see what I sought. And I then learn about myself, my environment, life, the world… I use my practice of arts as a tool for discovery and education.

I have been also developing a series of portrait illustrations since 2016, where a serene yet controversial approach of being human is brought through persona creation. Characterizing an essence of momentary being, an instant core. This illustrative work has been leading my way to confrontation of the daily grotesque lives I’ve had. Expressions of the tormented realities I have lived in, have documented my perception of daily experienced personas. These portraits have been serving myself as therapy, as an escape yet a “face à face” with and from my lying reality.