jad silisty © 2022

Living in a city (Beirut) where being of adaptable nature is essential to endure what is yet to come makes me feel in constant movement within my habitat and in my mind, where stability does not exist.

In some way, I profoundly relate to the elementary adaptable nature of water. The relationship I have with water is one full of wonder since childhood. Born Pisces, as a child, I used to marvel a lot about being a fish in fact, I never ate fish. I also unconsciously moan when I swim, and it sounds exactly like a whale. I think because “Pisces” translation in Arabic is “Whale”. This early fascination had inspired and forged my way into swimming against my country’s and life’s numerous tides. How gentle, how savage and how efficient could water be in the course of nature. It keeps on flowing.

With a larger interval of time than the one of the naked eye, maybe one of serene perspective, the photographs offer the bigger picture on water’s intelligent nature. A seamlessly adaptable nature, and way of being.

This project is part of a bigger scheme in my photographic flow of three phases that intertwine. This body is one of which funnels me to seek comfort and distress. With it, I seek refuge from the grotesqueness of reality. I reconnect.