jad silisty © 2022

Eye contact.
As I stand high and look down on it,
I look the city in the eye, as I stand high.
A reptile unfolding its eye, paralyzing my consciousness, hypnotizing me as I look down into it.
I enter the void through its eye.
As I plunge into a timeless state, an overwhelming essence flows in front of me.
What I see, what I smell, what I touch, what I hear, what I taste, is what I see.
A symphony of Beirut’s sensory essence.
It goes on endlessly, towards a chaotic core.
As I get closer but farer from its core, 
I see a plane horizon, that goes for ages and ages.
An ever changing nature, of a multilayered community system.

The photographic series delves into the infinite description of Lebanon.
A plane with no horizon. Radiating to the outside world to infinity.

The population is made of many communities that live in the same land. Throughout history, the people always had to open to the outside for survival. Whether it’s the west, east, north or south. The Lebanese diaspora is at least 400% larger than the Lebanese residing in their country. For generations and generations, Lebanon’s heavenly like land, has been receiving and sending away waves of migrations. It is a tolerant land with a forgiving nature. Ever adapting.

Lebanon is controlled from the inside because it is tolerant. The country offers so many political puppets to play with. Foreign forces have genetically infiltrated the political elite of the country for centuries. Lebanon has always been indirectly or directly in a state of war. The country is a chess board played by 1rst world countries. Governments are divided and brought by four main religious sects. It’s never one party reigning, it’s the dozen that are in constant battle. The 2019-2020-2021 struggles of the country, is one example of economic battlegrounds that Lebanon has endured.

An absence of what is referred to as basic needs for citizens, has been marginalized over time to normality. Yet emptiness gives space for unconventional behaviors and ways of fulfillment. This non-functional country, or functional in its very chaotic way, has led to a paralyzed perspective that manifests on many levels, be it social, political or psychological. The photographic series delves into the normalized picture of Beirut in the subconscious of a typical citizen. An emptiness filled by hazard for it to exist in a mind’s space, offering an inhabitable gravity to the city’s core and functionality.

To portray the ever adapting, multicultural and multidimensional nature of being Lebanese, the multiple exposure technique allowed me to seek the little light in the country’s vague dark age.